One Year Anniversary

One Year Anniversary

A whole year! Let's avoid any cliches about time, flight, and fun, but it is safe to say that time has been relative over this past year. 

We opened on Black Friday of 2015, and celebrated our one-year anniversary on Black Friday of 2016. The store received what I like to call "The Big Re-Arrange," as new products were placed on the shelves, additional lighting was added throughout the store, and a fresh coat of purple paint was added to the front door and shutters (which finally made their way back up on the side of the building).

It would take much too long to enumerate all of the things that have happened in the last year, so I'll sum up...

1. Community ~ The store was never about one person; it has always been about giving back to those who support our labor of love.
2. Connection ~ Meeting so many kindred spirits over the past year has got to be the highlight of being a small business owner. Learning about people's challenges and triumphs, their goals and dreams, and lightening the load of their burdens and losses.
3. Caring ~ Every day since we opened, I have been witness to the most caring group of customers ever to grace our space. From pay-it-forwards, to hugs, to laughs, and some tears, the customers who enter Kindred Spirits have brought in their individual and collective caring spirits. They have added love, laughter, and lightness to the shop.

Finally, I would be remiss if I didn't give credit to those who have stood by me throughout the past 365 days. To label these days would be unfair to the individual moments of hard work, tireless effort, collaboration, ingenuity, passion, love, kindness, patience, playfulness, and dedication. To my Kindred Crew, you have my eternal thanks and love for all you have each done to make Kindred Spirits Books & Gifts a gem in Hellertown.

So if you have driven by the shop, and have always meant to stop in, we invite you to slow down, turn around, and spend a little time with us to Treat Your Spirit :)

~Blessings~ * ~Blessed Be~ * ~Namaste~