Savasana: An Allegory

By June Rose

Trust whispered, “Soften…you’re safe.”

Belief agreed wholeheartedly.

Relaxation released a big sigh.

“Sound the alarm!” Fear cried.

But no one else agreed.

“I said, ‘Sound the alarm!’” Fear echoed.

Everyone calmly looked at Fear, but no one moved to sound the alarm.

“Shouldn’t we be alarmed?” Fear asked timidly.

“There’s no cause for alarm,” Calmness stated.

“But her eyes are closed,” Fear pointed out.

“She’s resting them,” Contentment said.

“And the lights are off,” Fear trembled.

 “If her eyes are closed, then she can’t see that it’s dark,” Logic interjected.

“Oh…yeah.” Fear admitted.

“But, but she’s in a room full of strangers! What if …?” Fear began excitedly.

Curiosity peeked all around the room, then said, “They’re all doing the same thing. No one’s moving.”

“I guess you’re right.” Fear sheepishly admitted.

“She’s safe…and so are you.” Kindness warmly said.

“You are incredibly observant,” Perception said thankfully.

“Thank you for your concern and wanting to keep her safe,” Gratitude acknowledged.

 “Well, yeah…I guess…ok.” Fear stammered uncomfortably.

“Would you like to join her and close your eyes and relax?” Compassion gently suggested.

“If I do, who’s going to keep an eye out for her?” Fear asked.

“No one,” said Reason practically.

“Soften…you’re safe.” Trust whispered.